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an honest opinion, a rewiew, and a request

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Joined: 15 Feb 2022
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2022 1:43 pm    Post subject: an honest opinion, a rewiew, and a request Reply with quote

hi there,

i will be very open and honest here, please do not hold it against me. some
things might 'incorrect' or 'user-errors' or whatever other things there might
be, but i want to give you a general idea of what i think at this very moment.
(i hope i will change my mind in the future to come, but i think it is fair to at
least state my opinion that reflects my experiences with antispamsniper at
this very moment in time):

at the moment i regret having bought a copy of antispamsniper, because it
does not work as i would have expected an antispam software to work.

i have taught it to list domains that keep sending me spam like blocking all
mails from * from no matter whom or regardless the topic. i
wanted to block the chance of getting mails from this domain in general.

i used to have a different mail client where it had a learing function where i
could automatically have the program delete mails for me from specified
domains. so i would enter * and whilst the mail program
was checking for mails it would notice the rule and automatically delete
these mails from the server so i never even got to see the mails at all and
that is what i would describe as sniping spam mails. shot down before you
even see it.

now i have 186 mail addresses and domains that i have taught the
antispamsniper and as far as i can tell, it completely fails to even see
or follow the rules i have set up, because i get about 50 mails from the
above mentioned domain every single day and thus the antispamsniper
does not do anything at all.

like i mentioned in another topic: i would like the antispamsniper to delete
not just to move classified-as-spam mails.

at the moment i do not see any benefits from having bought and installed
the antispamsniper at all because i am quicker just deleting the spam
mails myself and that is exactly my point. i was hoping to install some
kind of software that does the work for me. if i define a domain as a
domain from which only spam comes then it should be treated as such and
not land in my inbox anyway ... but yet it still does.

maybe i am not using it right? - who knows. that could well be. that again
would be the fault of the people who wrote and designed the antispamsniper
because obviously it is not explained well enough for me as a user to
understand it the way it is meant to be used. ... if that is the case, then
you should invest more time in getting it done right?

if a mail arrives in my inbox the antispamsniper should check if any rules
aply to this mail and act on automation and it seemingly does not do that,
because all mails still arrive in my inbox. so i could easily do without
the antispamsniper at this present moment. i am really sorry to say this
but this is exactly how i feel now.

please try to understand what i am trying to say: antispamsniper should
be a software that does what the name states it does: kill spam mails for
me. it does not even mark them as spam at present. instead i must mark
all incoming mails and tell the antispamsniper to filter according to my
filterrules. ... no no no. that is not a sniper! it should filter the mails as
they are coming in and directly kill them before i even see them.

try to work on that maybe.

then ... and only then, can i someday maybe say: "antispamsniper is a good
thing to have installed because it does the work for me and kills all or most
of the spam mails for me" ... but at the moment i would probably say:
"antispamsniper is a complete waste of money because it seemingly does
absolutely nothing against spam mails not even if rules have been taught."

i do not want to anger anyone working on the project, i would rather more
like you to think about how you can teach the software to do the job for
the user automatically.

thank you for your time.

kind regards
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Joined: 05 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2022 2:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The properly configured and trained plug-in classifies spam with less than 0.05% errors. Without adding any rules, just after marking a reasonable amount of messages as spam and non-spam. The configuration and training procedure is described in manual. Also it is possible to contact support by email in case of any issues or doubts. It is a pity that you don't want to use this constructive approach.
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